JODE HILLMAN - Veteran New Jersey Decoy Carver

Posted by on Jul 31st 2020

Jode Hillman is a veteran New Jersey carver. Buzzing with energy, he’s taken a break from his workshop to chat with me about carving duck decoys. Less than five minutes into our call, it’s clear Hi … read more

MICHAEL BRAUN - New Jersey Decoy Carver Interview

Posted by on Jul 22nd 2020

When Michael Braun, or Mr. B as he’s known to carvers and collectors, and I connect after a week of phone tag, he’s in the place you’ll find him most days of the week: his New Jersey workshop; a ki … read more

Three Museums

Posted by J.R. Duren on Jan 14th 2020

Three Must-Visit Decoy MuseumsThe best of our history dies if we don’t preserve it. America’s decoy carvers are a widely recognized part of the nation’s folk-art history. They represent the best of … read more

Three Great Carvers

Posted by J.R. Duren on Jan 14th 2020

Decoy Carving Legends: Lem Ward, Harry V. Shourds and Rich SmokerIf the town of Crisfield, MD, could stretch out its legs, its feet would touch the greenish waters of the Tangiers Sound. It’s here i … read more

The Old Masters

Posted by J.R. Duren on Jan 14th 2020

The Old Masters: Famous Names from Decoy Carving HistoryDecoy carving, like any fabled art form, has its Old Masters. The men who make up the unofficial decoy hall of fame come from a variety of backg … read more